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Dorothy Stringer Alumni


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After you have left Stringer life goes on. Students and Staff are now given the opportunity to register with the Alumni when they leave the school. This gives them a point of reference to find old friends, keep in touch with life at Stringer and also to be informed about reunions.
If you have not registered yet you can do so by emailing Your details will not be passed on to anyone outside of Dorothy Stringer School.
Reunion and Stringer Open House : Saturday 20th May 2017 – 11am to 4pm

We decided to try something new this year and merge our annual Open House event with our Stringer Reunion. It was a great opportunity for our ex-students and staff to visit the school on one of the most vibrant days of the school calendar. Not only did they see some wonderful students' art and design work but also saw live performances from the Drama and Music Departments and took part in some of the Environment Department's activities. It truly was a festival atmosphere with arts and crafts stalls from the local community and food and drink stalls too.

Miss Middleton and Mrs Moffat created a wonder a reunion area where ex-students met and shared experiences over a cup of coffee and some cake. 

We had a video booth to record memories and impressions of how education and society has changed since the doors opened in 1955. We are always looking for content for our Stringer memorabilia area; something we are trying to develop and welcome new contributions.

Sue Middleton (Stringer Staff 1975 to 2016)

P.S. This reunion replaced the 1st July 2017 date previously advertised on the school's website


Geraldine Moffat (Reception) & Sue Middleton (ex-Deputy Head)

Telephone: 01273 852222



Stringer Diamond Fund: The school recently launched a Stringer Diamond Fund as part of the schools 60th celebrations (2015-16). This fund, separate from the school budget, will be used to support students where evidence is provided of exceptional circumstances and where no other funding sources are available. Several ex-students have expressed an interest in contributing to this fund; this can be done by sending a cheque to the school marked for the attention of The Business Manager.  Please write Stringer Diamond Fund - Alumni on the back of the cheque.  Alternatively you can make a donation on-line or if you would like to know more please send an email to the address above or come on Saturday 20th May and speak to Richard Bradford (Headteacher) or me. Thank you for your support.

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