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At Dorothy Stringer School we believe that our students are entitled to learn in a positive environment. Occasionally, bullying prevents a few children from concentrating on their studies and enjoying school. We are committed to prompt and effective action if this occurs, and are confident we can stop bullying. To do this really successfully, we need the partnership of students and parents.
If Parents have Bullying concerns they should contact the school via the Form Tutor or Head of Year.

What is bullying?
Bullying is the Wilful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone
It can be physical - hitting, prodding, pushing

Verbal: nicknames, racist, sexist, sexual taunts, personal comments Students who are new or different may often be vulnerable. (Verbal bullying is often the most common in schools)

Non-verbal: taking sweets or money, damaging equipment
Signs of being bullied - How we might recognise it
  • Children becoming distressed, not sleeping, not eating, being withdrawn
    Children showing an unwillingness to come to school (stomach/headaches)
    Missing equipment for which no explanation is evident
    Children making unusual request for extra money
    Damaged clothing or bruising
    Change of friendships
What can you do if you are being bullied?
For investigating possible incidents and careful guidelines for listening to victims, witnesses and bullies. We reassure the victim and witnesses without making them feel disloyal, inadequate or foolish. We investigate and monitor very carefully and calmly. We offer concrete help, advice and support to the victim and take a firm stand with the bully, using appropriate (non-bullying) punishment.
Working together we can help stop bullying and ensure Dorothy Stringer School is a place where everyone can work happily and constructively.
Inform a teacher immediately. Victims frequently doubt that bullying can be stopped or are frightened of repercussions when they tell. This is understandable but Wrong. We can act discreetly and sensitively and bullying can be stopped when we are told
Keep a Written record or diary of the bullying (who/what/where/when)
Do not encourage the victim to hit back. It will only make matters Worse and could blur the real issue
How can you help us to help you?
Provide us with details, e.g. in order to get away with it, bullies need opportunities. Are there school areas or times where bullying could be easy? We can provide extra supervision if necessary
Trust us. We know what to do if we have the right information

Support us. Bullied children often feel out of control and it is important for us to help them take responsibility for what happens and to understand their point of view
What can we do?

Both victims and bullies need help to prevent damage to their self-esteem, which can often have an impact in later life. As well as raising awareness through the curriculum and giving students opportunities to talk about bullying in general, we have clear procedures in place.

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