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Welcome to Dorothy Stringer School


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Dorothy Stringer is a lively, vibrant and happy community where it is safe to learn and where everyone can play their full part both inside and outside the classroom. We have high expectations and are ambitious for our students in an environment that promotes enjoyment in learning.

We are a popular comprehensive school for approximately 1640 students aged between 11 and 16. The school has been extensively modernised, refurbished and equipped with state-of-the-art learning resources.

Today’s students face a world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace.  Success for our school is to prepare students for rapidly changing circumstances. At Dorothy Stringer we have an uncompromising commitment to what is best for students. Students will need the learning, skills, character and attributes that will prepare them for any challenge and set them up for their adult lives.   These include inspiring and developing innovation, creativity, ambition, resilience, judgement, focus, dedication, self-confidence and the ability to collaborate in teams.

The school's high academic performance is supported by excellent subject accommodation, which generates an exciting and creative learning environment. We are very happy to announce the second highest ever examination results achieved by Dorothy Stringer students in GCSEs, with the highest percentage of A and A* grades in our history. We are incredibly proud of all the students and staff. 67% of students achieved 5 GCSE's A*-C (Inc. English and Maths), our second highest performance ever. We had 187 A* grades with a 501 average point score. 31% of exams taken were and an A or A* grade and approximately 60% of our students gained 10 or more A*-C grades. Moreover, nearly 20% of our pupils left with an AS qualification or equivalent.

The school is the hub of the Brighton and Hove School Games Organisation and boasts an impressive sports hall, dance studio and fitness suite. These complement an on-site community indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and extensive playing fields around the school.

Dorothy Stringer also has a unique Outdoor Adventure Activities (OAA) Centre, 'Dolawen' in Snowdonia, North Wales, which we use for academic, sports and Duke of Edinburgh Award activities.
Continuing Professional Development is at the heart of excellent Teaching and Learning. In July 2011 the school was awarded 'The CPD Quality Mark' and we are delighted to have achieved Gold Standard. This is in recognition and acknowledgement of Stringer's excellent CPD that we deliver to all staff throughout the school. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) permeates the curriculum and school administration.

At Dorothy Stringer, we aim to develop an appreciation of the natural world and an understanding of our place within it. This drives our approach to environmental education, focusing on biodiversity to give meaning to why we should live sustainably. The Brian Foster Environment Centre and the school buildings are resources used to illustrate ways to live a more sustainable life, demonstrating solar panels providing electricity and hot water, the value of good insulation and free natural lighting and recycling a range of products. This enables the monitoring of energy, water and waste by students.

There are a huge variety of international projects embedded in the curriculum at Dorothy Stringer. During the course of the year, many different international activities take place within the school. Stringer now has sustainable and on-going links with schools in several different European countries, as well as in Cameroon, Ghana and Palestine. Many exciting exchanges and projects also take place with our 'sister' school in Le Havre, France.

Dorothy Stringer runs an extensive and exciting selection of school trips, including a GCSE geography trip to Iceland and a GCSE History trip to Berlin. There are European multi-sport trips, ski and cultural trips to Italy and Ghana, to name but a few.
We are a community which is based on clear moral values and where there is a sense of belonging and identity. We work hard to develop partnerships with parents and to secure their interest, support and commitment. We aim to be a community in which we all can share and all are valued. We strive to make a difference in society and to influence the lives of individuals. We challenge ourselves to continue to look for ways to improve and to inspire our students to fulfil their potential in a community that supports each other and works together.

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