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Extra Curricular Timetable 2016-2017


This is a list of the extra curricular activities that we run on a weekly basis.

To view the Extra Curricular Spreadsheet please open the document attached - Extra Curricular Spreadsheet.xlsx. The extra curricular  spreadsheet allows you to filter club by Department, Club Name, Year Group, Day and Time to make it easier to have an overview of clubs best suited for your child.

Please click on a title to view more details...

 Monday - Boys FootballStart of Day - Fitness SudioStart of Day - Sports Rehab and MobilityStart of Day - Lower ContemporaryStart of Day - Lower School Jazz/Musical TheatreLunchtime Writing ClubLunchtime ChoirEnd of Day Help ClubEnd of Day - AthleticsEnd of Day CLUB- Y7 End of Day ClubEnd of Day ClubEnd of Day - Striking and FieldingEnd of Day - Tennis/GolfEnd of Day - Upper ContemporaryEnd of Day Astronomy GCSE Club - Year 11End of Day - Year 11 Product Design Catch UpEnd of Day

 Tuesday - Fitness SudioStart of Day - Girls FootballStart of Day - GCSE SportLunchtime Dance - Upper School Jazz/Musical TheatreLunchtime ClubLunchtime - Year 8/Year9End of Day -Big BandEnd of Day - Girls FitnessEnd of Day - String EnsembleEnd of Day CricketEnd of Day - Table TennisEnd of Day - Boys 'RAW' ContemporaryEnd of Day Homework Club - GCSE StudentsEnd of Day Leaders Club - Year 9End of Day - Year 10 Product Design Catch Up Nutrition Catch UpEnd of Day ClubEnd of Day - Year 10 Product Design Catch Up

 Wednesday - Fitness SudioStart of Day Dance - G&T : Week 1 - Development, Week 2 - HigherStart of Day - Lower Commercial Lunchtime 7 ClubLunchtime ClubLunchtime - OrchestraEnd of Day - Rugby FitnessEnd of Day - Flag FootballEnd of Day
Drama - YAP 8 & 9End of Day - AthleticsEnd of Day - Goal KeepingEnd of Day Homework Club End of Day Dance - GCSE Improvement/PracticeEnd of Day - Theory Club End of Day - CAD CAM End of Day

 Thursday - Fitness SudioStart of Day PE - Basketball / Netball Girls TrainingStart of Day - GCSE SportLunchtime PE- DofE Expedition TrainingLunchtime - Boys 'RAW' StreetEnd of Day CheerleadingEnd of Day Homework Club End of Day PE - CricketEnd of Day Dance - Girls Street - 4.30pm-5.30pmEnd of Day Astronomy GCSE - Year 10End of Day Drop In SessionEnd of Day

 Friday - Fitness SudioStart of Day - Outdoor Strengh and ConditioningStart of Day - CheerleadingStart of Day - Year 8 Football (Until Finals)Start of Day Boys Basketball S&CStart of Day - Upper CommercialLunchtime PE- DofE Expedition TrainingLunchtime - BalletEnd of Day - Brass GroupEnd of Day - Jewellery Making ClubEnd of Day

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