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​Form Time Resources


Each week our Activities Co-ordinator, Ms Fellowes, creates stimulating and informative activities to be used during Form Time to help expand students' social, moral, spiritual and cultural outlook. The resources are intended to promote emotional well-being. Form Time Activities also take into account important current affairs and how they impact upon students' lives and in so doing enabling students to make more informed decisions and to foster an inclusive environment where all opinions are valued.       

Tutor groups will also take part in quizzes and games; working in groups not only facilitates learning but encourages group cohesion.


Week beginning 24th April: Celebrating Diversity​During assembly and form time this week we will be discussing diversity at Dorothy Stringer. Stringer is working towards becoming a 'School of Sanctuary', which means encouraging students to acknowledge and celebrate diversity within the school by understanding each other's identities and welcoming of people's individual differences.
​Week beginning 20th March/ ​Week beginning 27th March: Littering and Vandalism around SchoolThe focus is on the Stringer littering problem. The aim is to raise awareness about the issue of littering in the school and help students understand the consequences of littering and vandalism. Students will be given an opportunity to discuss the barriers to keeping the school clean and also be introduced to the new littering sanctions we will be implementing after Easter.
Week beginning 13th March: Promoting Red Nose Day

Promoting Red Nose Day to encourage students to get involved in activities around the school to raise money. Students are being asked to Make a Difference for Red Nose Day by raising money for projects in the UK and Africa tackling poverty and injustice.  The students support lots of other campaigns throughout the year and they will be discussing which ones they would like to get involved with next.

Week beginning 6th March: International Women's Day

​Celebrating International Women's Day on Wednesday 8th March. Focussing on celebrating women around the world and recognising the key issues that many women still face. Encouraging a series of discussions focused on changing the language we use to talk about gender and how this can help change attitudes. Promoting equality, freedom and mutual respect.
Week beginning 27th February: World Book DayThursday 2nd March - World Book Day. Promoting a love of reading and talking about the origins of World Book Day.
Week beginning 20th February: Your Attendance MattersFocussing on good attendance. Explaining the effects of chronic absence and helping individuals to reflect on their own attendance and set targets for themselves.  
Week beginning 30th January / Week beggining 6th February : Promoting British Values- What does it mean to be British?  Promoting fundamental British values such as being part of a compassionate society that values individual beliefs and rights.
Week beginning 19th January: Holocaust Memorial Day

'How can life go on?' commemorating the Holocaust and also reflecting on how we can support refugees today.


Week beginning 3rd January: Happy New Year! Discussing the significance of January as a transitional time of reflection and renewed goals. Completing 'The Big Fat Quiz of the Year' which looks back at the biggest stories in news, sports and entertainment from 2016.
Week beginning 8th December: Christmas Part 2- The Great Stringer Film Quiz 2016

More festive fun with a whole-school quiz.

Round 1. Christmas General Knowledge

Round 2: Christmas in Children's Books

Round 3: Celebrity Santa

Round 4: Christmas Films

Week beginning 2nd December: Christmas Part 1

A festive film quiz to get students in the holiday spirit, as well as an opportunity for tutors to set up Secret Santa and put decorations up their form room.


Week beginning 28th November: Enrichment Week Giving students the opportunity to explore the 40 options for they can choose from for Enrichment Week, taking place from Monday 17th to Thursday 20th July
Week beginning 17th November: 2-2-2-

Encouraging students to set short, medium and long-term goals in order to achieve their life aspirations:

2 decades – Aspiration

2 years – Ambitious goal

2 months – Short term Aim

2 weeks – Action

Week beginning 4th November: Anti Bullying Week The emphasis this year is on students feeling empowered to do good in the school by standing up to bullying and being kind to each other. The tagline is 'Power for Good' and tutors are promoting and celebrating random acts of kindness.
Week beginning 12th October: The Significance of Halloween Focusing on autumnal festivities such as Halloween and Diwali. Understanding the pagan origins of Halloween and its significance in cultures around the world. They can also learn about the ancient Hindu festival of Diwali.
Week beginning 3rd  October: World Mental Health Day (10th October)

Discussing ways students can enhance their own mental wellbeing through '9 ways to wellness'.  Tutors promote the Stringer 'Drop In' service where students can find a safe space to share any issues they are having.


Week beginning 29th September: Black History Month

Recognizing, celebrating and valuing the history of black and ethnic minorities in Britain. Students learn about The Empire Windrush as well as Brighton's own black history.


Week beginning 19th September: The Big Social Media DebateEncouraging reflection and discussion and debate on how social media and screen time can negatively affect people's lives.
Week beginning 12th September: The Big Quiz- How well do you know Roald Dahl?Promoting a love of Roald Dahl's writing and encouraging reluctant readers to find a book they like. Tutors can also focus on the Paralympics during their 'Newsday Tuesday' slot.
Week beginning 8th September: Welcome Back! An opportunity for tutors to welcome back their students after the summer break and find out what they've been up to with a game of 'Find Someone Who'. They also have a chance to draw up a class contract and get involved in a meme competition.