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Calendar Key Dates

 School Term and Holiday Dates (NB. These may be subject to change)

Click HERE for the Brighton & Hove Council Schools Dates


2014 / 2015



  Wednesday 3rd September 2014      ​INSET Day
​  Thursday 4th September 2014     ​INSET Day
  Friday 5th September 2014 Year 7 Only (8.45am start)
 Monday 8th September 2014 ​All Years 8.45am start
​ Friday 10th October 2014 ​  INSET Day
​Monday 27th October - Friday 31st October 2014 ​Autumn Half Term Holiday
Friday 19th December 2014 ​End of Autumn Term -  Early closure
Monday 22nd December 2014 - Friday 2nd January 2015 ​Christmas Holiday
Monday 5th January 2015 ​  INSET Day
 Tuesday 6th January  2015 ​Start of Spring Term
​Monday 2nd February2015 ​City Wide INSET Day
Monday 16th - Friday 20th February 2015 ​Spring Half Term Holiday
Friday 27th March 2015 ​End of Spring Term
Monday 30th March - Friday 10th April 2015 ​Easter Holiday
Monday 13th April 2015  ​Start of Summer Term
Monday 4th May 2015 ​School Closed (Bank Holiday)
​Monday 25th May 2015 - Friday 29th May 2015 ​Summer Half Term Holiday
Wednesday 22nd July 2015 End of Academic Year - Early Closure



 Our full school calendar can be viewed in detail on our School Calendar
You will need to be a logged-in registered user in order to access this. If you are not yet a user then you can find out more information and sign up to the system here. If you would like further information on any of the events detailed then please send us an email >>



2015 / 2016



  Wednesday 2nd September 2015     ​INSET Day
​  Thursday 3rd September 2015    ​INSET Day
  Friday 4th September 2015Year 7 Only (8.45am start)
 Monday 7thSeptember 2015​All Years 8.45am start
​  Friday 9th October ​INSET DAY
​Monday 26th October - Friday 30th October​Autumn Half Term Holiday
Friday 18th December ​End of Autumn Term -  Early closure 12.30pm
Monday 21st December - Monday 4th January ​Christmas Holiday
 Tuesday 5th January ​Start of Spring Term
​Monday 1st February INSET DAY
Monday 15th February - Friday 19th February​Spring Half Term Holiday
Thursday 24th March​End of Spring Term
Friday 25th March - Friday 8th April​Easter Holiday
Monday 11th April ​Start of Summer Term
Monday 2nd May​School Closed (Bank Holiday)
​Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June​Summer Half Term Holiday
​Monday 27th June ​INSET DAY
Friday 22nd July End of Academic Year - Early Closure 12.30pm



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