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​​PE at Stringer


The Physical Education curriculum is designed to be varied, purposeful and enjoyable, providing each and every pupil with a sense of achievement and a positive attitude towards PE and school sport at Dorothy Stringer.
The department work hard to develop skills, identify talent and provide opportunities for all pupils of all abilities to reach their full potential in Physical Education. We also facilitate academic opportunities to provide students with a depth of knowledge about how the body enables you to participate in sport, which is done through the delivery of GCSE PE and BTEC Sport qualifications.

The fundamental aim of the department is to maintain and stimulate the students interest in and enjoyment of Physical Education and to promote health and fitness for current and future lifestyles.
BTEC Certificate in Sport
The course provides the curriculum framework within which both practical and theoretical Physical Education is taught at Dorothy Stringer. The course is assessed via assignments and practical tasks that your child undertakes during PE lessons.
The qualification is delivered through three modules. These are:

•Practical Sport Delivered in practical PE lessons in Year 9 and 10; develops and improves practical performance in 5 option choices
•Body in Sport Delivered in PE theory lessons in Year 10; develops your understanding and awareness of the effects of exercise on your body, areas such as the skeleton and muscles are studied
•Planning and Leading Sports Activities Delivered in practical PE lessons in Year 11; develops knowledge and skills to be able to plan and lead a range of practical activities. The Level 1 Sports Leader Award will also be achieved during this module
The BTEC is a non-examination course which we consider to be more relevant to the students and without the pressure of examinations. The BTEC points score (useful when applying for further education), is equivalent to two GCSEs A*-C. The grades attainable for BTEC with the comparative GCSE grades are shown below:
Individual Module Marks Final Mark and GCSE Equivalent  

Individual Module Marks

Final Mark and GCSE Equivalent






P6P18-29C C
M12M30-41B B
D18D42-48A A
D*48-54A* A*
The GCSE equivalent grades shown are for each award bracket (Pass (P), Merit (M), Distinction (D) and Distinction* (D*)). If a high distinction or D* was achieved e.g. 52 pts, the GCSE equivalent would be two A*s. Merits or distinctions can only be achieved if all the criteria from the previous level have been attained.
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